**We are contributing to the hosting of Farm Hack Scotland on 1st and 2nd October this year at the Big Shed at Tombreck in Perthshire - the first event of a growing Scotland-wide community of innovative thinkers. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!**

People are beginning to wake up to the fact that if we want to have control over our food system, innovative thinking and resourceful making are a mainstay of ecological food production. However currently the lack of small-scale, well-designed processing equipment is a real barrier to small scale food production, and new solutions for portable juicers, vegetable washers, grain mills, would enable communities to produce more of their own food, allow a more direct link between producers and customers, and open up new niche markets.

We are excited about being part of Farm Hack - a global community of users and organisations who have gathered to build a collaborative platform for developing and sharing tools of all kinds, in the name of open knowledge sharing and resilient agricultural systems.