Food Commons

The Commons is a very old idea which has caught people's interest and gathered increasing interest in recent years. The term 'commons' refers to an asset, usually a natural one like land or water, which is shared by a group of people (usually locally based) and to which they all have rights and responsibilities. In many traditional cultures people see their whole way of life as a commons, where taking care of and being taken care of by other people and the local environment are indivisible - nothing is separate from the commons.

In our era of rampant privatisation and rapidly rising inequality, the idea that there are some things which are so important, which are needed by all people and which everyone should take care of, has started to make sense to more and more of us.

We belive that food is one of these commons and that the rapid growth of movements towards local, small scale, pesticide free, just, resilient food are evidence that this idea is gaining currency fast.

Common Good Food is committed to helping communities build towards food commons right where they live, whether we're training in new skills when they're taking their first steps, or helping to make connections between already established projects so they can collaboratively start to make a meaninful contribution to the diet of the people who live nearby.

We also want to shift people's ideas of what food means to them, to get them thinking about the system we've got used to and what it would mean if we chose to do things differently: as though people, communities, animals and the planet mattered.

Here are some interesting articles which pick up on this theme: