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Sovereignty, Justice and the Commons

Fergus Walker
21st November, 2016

Sovereignty and Justice for access to food, skills and technology: reflections on the Nyeleni Europe forum Romania Oct 16

Last month I was fortunate to be one of a delegation from the UK attending a Europe-wide forum on food sovereignty, with 600 people from 42 countries from Europe and beyond – incuding indigenous people from Sweden (Sami) and Siberia (...

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Where are all the Scottish CSAs?

Mags Hall
14th June, 2016

By Ashley Robinson

Scotland has lots of grand and wonderful things - sweeping vistas, ancient castles, moody lochs. Scotland even has some less grand things - deep fried mars bars, indecipherable accents, dreich weather.

But, dear Scotland, I riddle you this - where are all of your CSAs? Those wonderful and innovative pairings of nourishment and community, a structure that allows for transparency and participation in our food system. They seem to be quite rare up here.

Sharing the risks, responsibilities, rewards of the farm

CSA, for the...

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Seed & Tree Festival - participants' voices

Fergus Walker
4th March, 2016

Here's a great range of opinions on what was important to participants about the Seed and Tree Festival on the 6th February. The feedback we have had, and the ideas that we heard, have inspired us to keep going. We will be expanding our small voluntary team and we are cooking up  some further events for later in the summer and autumn. Thanks to our volunteer Robin for the film.

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Seed & Tree Festival: reflections

Fergus Walker
12th February, 2016

Well, what a day we had last Saturday – and a huge well done to everyone who helped make it happen – especially our partners in organising the event – Helping Britain Blossom. We were amazed at just how many people came – at least 150, including Nicola Sturgeon and her followers calling by. Here are some first reflections on the day.

It seems to me that we are witnessing a quiet cultural revival in...

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Seed & Tree Festival: what do we want to achieve?

Fergus Walker
5th February, 2016

Well, that has come round quick - the Seed and Tree Festival is happening tomorrow! We have well over 100 people coming, we have umpteen things happening, we have the First Minister stopping by - what a day it's going to be! You can download a PDF of the full programme here or at the bottom of the page.

I would like to lay out our hopes for what we can achieve off the back of this event. This event is all about diversity of seeds and trees that we can harvest for food, but it is about so...

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