Our designs

[A nice video about Fergus' mill cycle originally made for a PR campaign]

We have inherited some clever pieces of equipment developed and sourced by board members, and kindly donated by the Fife Diet project.

We can hire these out (for enquiries please email hello@commongoodfood.org), and we intend to develop more useful tools and equipment in the near future.

Further down the line we will be working with small scale food producers to develop tools and equipment. We believe that food producers should have access to tools, machines and equipment that are:

  • beautiful to look at and to use
  • of the highest quality craftsmanship
  • designed for the simplest possible maintenance, cleaning and repair
  • built for the smallest appropriate scale of production
  • meet as many needs as possible with superior function
  • designed to integrate with and facilitate a vibrant food culture,┬ácommunity cohesion and co-working.

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